01. Planning & Measurement

  • Project discovery and fact-finding about the company's background, leadership, vision, customer landscape and project goals.
  • Understanding the brand position, proposition and its competitive landscape.
  • Data gathering on company materials, assets and any other necessary info and contents.
  • Understanding client's design requirements, messaging and branding preference.
  • Clarifying all possible queries and issues that may arise prior commencing with strategic planning.

02. Strategy

  • Analysis, Insights and Measurements are declared with the client to align with business goals and expectations
  • Project phases, implementation and timeframe are provided through documented processes which will be updated regularaly or as project reach a milestone.
  • Getting validation from the client on the documentations, materials, studies, and project plan specifics.

03. Design

  • UX and UI design of the project screens based on the approved wireframes and initial design studies
  • Web, Tablet and mobile specific designs
  • Iterations, revisions and feedback implementation will undergo prior development/production.

04. Development

  • Front-End development and main pages development
  • developing a clean and structured code optimized for latest web standards and search engines
  • Content development, population and development of associated pages and templates
  • Systems back-end development will initiate upon near completion and validation of the front-end development
  • Involves client review in each project phase/milestone

05. Testing

  • Each phase/milestone is tested and validated with client
  • Bugs are reported and addressed accordingly
  • Quality release and website finalization will be conducted prior to an agreed launc date

05. Maintenance and Support

  • Security audits, testing the system in its early days to find any bugs or incompatibility errors
  • Content updates or implementing any necessary updates as mutually agreed initially
  • Extending digital presence via social media channels
  • Continuous support and recommendations on how the brand can scale to achieve or create new goals.